Do you have oily skin? THESE makeup tips will come in handy for you

Do you have oily skin? THESE makeup tips will come in handy for you

Oily skin is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because your skin maintains the natural shine always. But the worst part about having oily skin is that it doesn’t hold your makeup for more than 3-4 hours. In spite of spending two hours doing the full face makeup, everything vanishes in a couple of hours. Be it a lipstick, or mascara for that matter, nothing can last long on oily skin. And if you are someone who has given up on makeup because of your oily skin, then don’t worry we have got you covered with this.

These simple makeup hacks for oily skin will let you achieve the perfect makeup look without compromising much on the makeup. So if you are planning to go on a date, or having a party to attend, then try these makeup hacks to glam up that oily skin.

Exfoliate your skin at least once a week:

Use a good cleanser and exfoliate your skin, exfoliating will help remove dirt and dead skin that’s blocking your pores since that can cause your foundation to look cakey. A good cleanser penetrates deep into the skin and evens the texture of the skin.

Moisturize and hydrate your skin:

Just because you have oily skin that doesn’t mean that your skin doesn’t need nourishment. Moisturizing your skin will not only hydrate, but it will also prevent moisture loss. And this will give your oil glands less of a chance of going into overdrive.

Choose the right primer:

Opting for a correct primer is essential for oily skin. A mattifying primer will work wonders on your skin. It will soak up all the excessive oil and will smooth out your pores. Don’t opt for oil-based primers that’ll make your skin look greasy.

Buy oil-free foundation:

Choosing the right oil-free foundation for your skin is necessary. Since your skin has enough oil, choose long-wearing matte finish foundation. They have some ingredients that allow them to stay for long on your skin.


A setting powder is a must for oily skin since it helps you with setting your makeup for a longer time, and also helps you achieve a smooth complexion. Apply setting powder all over your face, especially around your fine lines under your eyes, and places you get oily.

Setting spray:

To get that extra coverage, using setting spray is a must for oily skin. Spray your face after you finish your makeup, and also carry a  travel size in your bag, if you are planning to go elsewhere.

Use blotting papers:

If you have oily skin, then blotting paper is soon going to become your best friend. These blotting sheets help remove the extra oil from the face without taking away the product from your face. Don’t wipe your face with this sheet, dab it gently.

Don’t touch your face:

Last, but not least, don’t touch your face at any cost. The oils from your hands get onto your skin and into your pores. It can cause skin irritation or even break down your foundation or powder. So, once you apply makeup avoid touching your face.

So ladies say bye-bye to oily skin and time to put on some makeup again!


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