Semi-permanent makeup in vogue

Dr Simal Soin, Founder, Aayna Clinic.

A cosmetic procedure that’s increasingly gaining acceptance among women is semi-permanent makeup – a smudge-proof and hassle-free way that enhances your features giving you a glamorous look.

The process in non-invasive and involves inserting certain pigments in the dermal layer of the skin and is completely safe and long-lasting though it may require a little maintenance. The areas that are treated include eyebrows (filling the space between hair through microblading which gives them a good shape and a thicker look), lip (contouring as well as the giving them a permanent pink colour), permanent eyeliner, beauty spots and correction of freckles.

“Semi-permanent makeup is an increasingly popular alternative especially for working women, celebrities and other multi-tasking women who are looking to do away with the tedious morning make-up ritual and night-time removal procedure daily,” says dermatologist Dr Simal Soin, Founder, Aayna Clinic.

“You can get long-lasting eyeliner, natural-looking lip-colour as well as shaped and contoured eyebrows that can last up to five years with semi-permanent make-up,” says Dr Soin, adding that this makeup also helps to camouflage vitiligo patches, scars and pigmentation.

Though semi-permanent eyeliner is popular, an increasing number of women are also going in for thick eyelashes. This, they say, is done by inserting tiny micro-droplets of the pigment nestled in between each lash for thick and fluttery results.
While the procedures are simple and do not cause any harm to the skin or health, certain things need to be kept in mind if you decide to go in for these:

■ Do thorough research on the clinic you finally select along with the process and doctor. After you have decided upon the cosmetic clinic, consult a dermatologist to find out if you have an allergic reaction to any of the pigments used. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you want from your specialists. Have all your doubts cleared.

■ Keep your expectations realistic. Understand that the procedure can surely enhance your features but it cannot drastically transform your appearance.

■ Don’t overdo. If you are not sure of the colour you want for eyeliner or lips, it is safer to go for natural shades.

■ Post-treatment, follow the protocol as advised by your doctor and take required care. Don’t scratch your skin, it will take time to heal and rubbing it can cause irritation. Also, avoid using cosmetics on the treated area at least for a week after the treatment. Avoid strong sun exposure too, both before and after the treatment.

■ Treatment is a two-step process. Re-touching is essential after at least four weeks of the treatment.


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