Shinde’s makeup kit give away poll code violation in Solapur?

Narasayya Adam, formerly of the CPI(M) displays the “makeup box” he alleges is being distributed by Praniti Shinde.

A police case has been registered against Praniti Shinde, Solapur MLA and daughter of former chief minister of Maharashtra Sushilkumar Shinde, for violation of the election code of conduct.

The case has been registered on September 24 at Jail Road police station in Solapur city.

CPI(M)’s suspended Maharashtra secretary, Narasayya Adam, raised allegations of the violation of the code of conduct against Shinde with district collector Rajendra Bhosale.

Adam said that the Praniti Shinde along with two unknown party workers distributed “makeup boxes” with her photograph on it, on September 21.

Refuting the allegations, Shinde said that she had been distributing the boxes during the Gauri-Ganpati festival. “Makeup boxes were distributed to poor women before the code of conduct began. As of now, I am not a candidate as our party has not declared my candidature for the city,” Shinde said.

Collector Rajendra Bhosale, who is also the district election officer said, “To investigate the violation we have ordered the case to be registered at Jail Road police station.

“Hemand Nikam is investigating the case further.”

A police case has been registered in 249 Vidhansabha Constituency under 615/2019 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) at Jail Road police station Solapur.


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