Soon, you can see 3D images of Lord Venkateswara’s jewellery


TIRUMALA: The Sri Venkateswara Museum will soon have 3D images of the 1,200 and odd famed jewels of Lord Venkateswara. The museum will have kiosks where one can have the details of each and every jewel such as their antique value, the period during which they were presented to the Lord and the kind of precious stones and diamonds adorning them, at the touch of the screen.

Once a visitor touches a particular item, all the details of the jewel along with 3D image will flash on the screen.

“One can count the diamonds and precious stones studded in the crowns of the Lord, donated by the rulers of the Pallava dynasty, or the sword, Divyabharanams like Nagabharanam, Sahasra Nama Lakshmi Haram (both old and new), donated by the British rulers, or the Kati Hastham, Varada Hastham and many others,’’ TTD Executive Officer Anil Kumar Singhal said.

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