Vintage Chic Jewellery & Accessories

For the past seven years, Vintage Chic Jewellery and Accessories designer Shanna Campbell has been creating “ageless high-quality” pieces for “bold Afrocentric women.” She started out making stationery and home accessories; however, a year later she discovered a hidden talent — jewellery design.

Speaking with All Woman Fashion (AWF), Campbell noted, “I’ve always felt uncomfortable in Corporate… And knew I wanted to start my own busines.” So, in 2012 Campbell took a leap, quit her job and forged ahead into the world of jewellery design. Her inspiration is derived from the environment, and she uses fabric, coconut, calabash, buttons, gemstones, seeds, wire, shell, leather, horn, bone, glass, and acrylic beads to create her one-of-a-kind pieces.

Campbell, a graduate of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, doesn’t abide by traditional rubric. She designs “whatever comes to mind”, and is proud of her ability to transform her thoughts and ideas into beautiful tangible pieces that will, in the words of Japanese organising consultant guru Marie Kondo, “spark joy” within those who wear them.

A piece of jewellery often tells a story — the stories that Campbell’s pieces tell are the stuff of fairy tales. Her whimsical hand-forged pieces transport clients to another world. Semi-precious stones make them feel like princesses; a metal necklace somehow feels like armour; and bamboo evokes a protective forcefield making them feel invincible. Campbell’s pieces “change the way women love themselves”.

The experience, however, hasn’t just been about creating beautiful, shiny things. After all, Campbell is sowing the seeds of a jewellery empire that she hopes will soon be recognised locally, regionally and internationally. In the meantime, Campbell is honing her skills and her secret weapon — passion.


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